mandag 16. februar 2009

Drying up

We seem to be hit by different viruses these days!
This demands different diets:
There has been an increased use of
dry crackers, cola, rice and blueberries among some of the family members.
And others keep guzzling warm tea with honey and warm soup
All this sickness does not inspire much to food blogging!

6 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

My little guy has been coughing this weekend. I hope you are all well soon.

monica sa...

I hope you all get better very soon!!
The soup looks great, tasty and nutritious... :o)

buffalodick sa...

I agree. I just spent two days on liquids only....

doggybloggy sa...

this did work ----

Anette sa...

Marjie: My little chef has been lying on the sofa for almost a week, thats not like him! He's up now though!

Monica: We're getting there, now it's the man of the house which are sickest, and we're not talking about some amateur suffering here!

Buffalodick: So it's probably the season for it don't you think?

Le Chien: It must have healed itself, cause it seams ok from here now!

TavoLini sa...

yuck, it's that time of year, isn't it? Hope everyone feels better soon!!