torsdag 5. februar 2009

Pancake day

I read in a paper today that 5th of February is The Pancake day.
I don't need more of an excuse to serve a pancake dinner!

6 kommentarer:

monica sa...

flott oppstilling - ser godt ut!!

doggybloggy sa...

ditto what monica said....(if it was a good thing) and pancake day? Thats it! We're moving to Norway.

Harmony sa...

Those look great! I love pancakes! I like them plain though...or with an egg on top, no syrup or fruit...I guess I am a little weird.

I think we will have a pancake dinner too...hubby just went out of town, so I won't get any complaining from him.

Jocelyn sa...

Dang. They fill the whole plate!

We make chocolate chip pancakes every week, but they differ from yours dramatically. I want to do a swap.

Anette sa...

Monica: svært tilfeldig, men koselig med lys og pannekaker vet du!

Le Chien: Yes it was a good thing she said! The good thing about pancakes is that if you want, every day is a potential pancake day!

Harmony: The most common thing to add to your pancakes in Norway, is drizzled sugar or jam. We usually have a salty soup together with it.

Jocelyn: Norwegian pancakes are big but much thinner than yours. Then you roll'em up, with your favourite jam inside. My daughter would definitely swap ours with yours!

~~louise~~ sa...

I'm not quite sure how I got here. Perhaps, in search of Pancake Day which we will be celebrating in the US on February 24th.

Enjoyed my visit:)