søndag 22. februar 2009

Fish and fastelaven

It's trout for dinner today:
Beautiful fish don't you think?

clean the guts out under running water

Put some salt, pepper and lemon inside

Bake it in the oven wrapped in foil
and enjoy!

Today we're celebrating something called: Fastelavn

Important on this day is a bunche of twigs decorated like this

And buns with cream inside

and icingsugar drizzled on top.

6 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

the trout looks so good! and those cream buns - wow - I like fastelaven

monica sa...

the fish looks delicious - did you catch it yourself? :o) and the buns too, with cream - mmmm - my guys here would have loved them! The more whipped cream the better...

antigoni sa...

I like traditions. They look and taste sooooooo good.

Anette sa...

Le Chien: You would have enjoyed them, I know!

Monica: Of course I caught it myself! You know, in that big freezer at the shop! Its essential to be generous with the cream on these buns, and of course, impossible to eat them without getting your face covered in sugar and cream.

Antigoni: I promise you, they were!

TavoLini sa...

Happy fastelaven :)

That trout is enormous! Looks excellent :) My uncle cooks his the same way.

buffalodick sa...

Appeared to be what we would call a "Lake Trout" but the flesh was a deeper red than ours...