lørdag 28. februar 2009

To sum up a good day

I've had a lovely day!
I was shoveling snow in the sunshine
untill my back was wet and my arms tired
When it was time for a break we took out our garden chairs
and had some tea and fruits,
a good talk and sun in our faces
Mittens off and enjoy!

At night, we made home made pizzaand fruit salad for dessert
cause we do love our fruit!
Pink Princess and I
put face masks on to refresh our cheeks
When it dried, we could hardly move our faces
and enjoyed some lemon water
through a straw!

3 kommentarer:

Jocelyn sa...

Pink masks AND tea AND shoveling?

I need to come there. That's just my speed.

buffalodick sa...

I think pizza is becoming the universal translator! Looked good!

monica sa...

had a great day there, I can imagine :o)