fredag 13. februar 2009

I've been out

I've been away from the winter wonderland for a couple of days.
I've been to Denmark
to see my soulmate
You can't beat friendship!
We don't get to see eachother much, but when we do
We're just as we were when we first met 25 years ago!
This is all the sight-seeing I did.
Talking, giggling, drinking lots of tea!
Just as we planned
And I met her bundle of joy: Bundy

On my way home
the sky was blue as always over the clouds

5 kommentarer:

monica sa...

Miss you already!! Come back!

doggybloggy sa...

hey it looks just like Norway....LOL just kidding!

marina sa...

I've just visited your friend Monica from Denmark. It's great to have a friend for so many years, so close that you take the plane just to see her!

Marjie sa...

Oh, I love Bundy! I'm so glad you got to see him. Glad you had a wonderful visit.

Anette sa...

Monica: Next plane! You on it! I'm making the guest bed!

Le Chien: It's Skandinavia you know, but Norway is way colder than Denmark! And flatter.

Marina: When you find your soulmate, you can't let anything stop you, and thanks heavens for cyber space and email!

Marjie: He was the most adorable (and big) puppy I've seen for a long time! But I guess you knew!