lørdag 14. februar 2009

Pizza Pollo Valentine

Ahh! Pizza the home made style!
I had som chicken breast,
feta cheese, spring onion, red sweet pepper,
and crushed tomatoes

salt pepper, oregano and chili

basil leaves (heaven)

And a glass of beer.. perfect!
And since its Valentine's day: some chocolate hearts for dessert

6 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

wow that looks perfect, and the chocolate hearts look great....

antigoni sa...

They both look very tasty. I would like a piece of pizza and a little desert of your hearts. Happy Valentine. I wish you celebrate every day.

marina sa...

Happy Valentine.
I made sweets with chocolate and truffle for this day! Mmmm, yummy....!

gemma sa...

Wish you lived closer I would have been there in a heart beat...heart beat... pun intended.

That pizza looks amzingly good.

buffalodick sa...

Sounds like you had a "Basil" kind of day too!

Anette sa...

Le Chien: It was perfect, and the hearts was thin and delicious!

Antigoni: Hope you had a good Valentines day too!

Marina: I didn't make the chocolate hearts myself, but I enjoyed them just the same!

Gemma: There was plenty left so you could have had a piece!

Buffalodick: Basil, I love it!!