søndag 16. november 2008

Apple pie

Another apple delight!

Peeled apples, rich shortcrust pastry and cinnamon

(apples and cinnamon, lovers in the world of taste and smell)

Custard and whipped cream
Grab the camera to take a photo,
and then munch!

5 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

pie, custard and cream - deeelux!

ayamlin sa...

Hello anette!
I love app;e pies!!
Oh, I wanna eat hot apple pies with ice cream!!
by the way your head picture is so beautiful!
is it real?

Anette sa...

Le chien: I know! its the perfect combination!

ayamlin: Baked apples, with raisins, honey, cut almonds and cinnamon, with icecream... thats heaven! You mean the photo on top of the blog? Yes thats the sunrise, a couple of weeks ago, taken from our window.

TavoLini sa...

now that looks fantastic!!!

antigoni sa...

We have a sweet that looks like it and we call it "Pasta flora".