tirsdag 25. november 2008

Sweet buns from Little Chef's bakery

It was a cold and windy afternoon
We needed something sweet
A smooth and sweet dough
Made in to flat buns

Lightly whipped egg to make them a bit shiny

After they have rested and rose
We make a hole in the middle
to make room for some thick custard
12 minutes 200 C
Let the buns cool down
Then make icing mixing icingsugar and water

While wet and sticky, dip in grated coconut

Then just sit back and enjoy!

These buns are called "Skolebrød"
which translated means school bread or school buns.
I've never found out why,
because we were never allowed to eat or bring anything sweet
when I went to school and it is still like that now.
When my daughter was little she used to call them "sticky bun"
and she ate them from the top,
eating the yellow part first and made her way through
until the bun became a ring.
Hence the stickyness.

10 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

little chef is a great cook - what is the cream in the middle?

Anette sa...

Le Chien: He is a great cook, thats for sure! (mummy's very proud) The cream in the middle is thick custard, I'll hav to edit the post!

doggybloggy sa...

you should submit a photo to this site....if not these cakes than something else....


Anette sa...

Le Chien: thanks for the idea, I'll check it out.

The photos there look very fancy, but I guess I can have a try!

buffalodick sa...

Those look fantastic! I want two! One would not be enough!

TavoLini sa...

wow!! these are so cool! I'm very impressed with little chef :)

monica sa...

jeg vil ooogså ha'skolebrøøød... ( sagt med lett sutrende stemme..)

antigoni sa...

I want more than one, thank you.
I think the little chef took from the master.
In Greece we say: " Το μήλο θα πέσει κάτω από τη μηλιά".

Marjie sa...

I think I'll try something like this after this holiday week is over! Thank you for visiting me.

Jocelyn sa...

I love eating a pastry where I need to shower afterwards!