søndag 16. november 2008

Pretty Pink Princess

The 15 year old Pink Princess asked me:
Why don't you mention me in your blog?
So here's a post about her and her box of treasure
This Polkadot Treasure box is from Dublin
Its her tool box

All full of what she needs
before she gets off in the morning
Colors of all kinds, after how she feels.

She glances at her mum, and says:

- You could use a bit of color on your face you know!

I rub my eyes thoroghly(like I usually do) and say:

- How do you think I would look after doing this?

She sighs lenient and continues to put on her makeup.

2 kommentarer:

marina sa...

I won't show that to my 14th years old daughter! She asks me continuously to buy her more cosmetics but I think she's too young for that! May be she's not but as I think of me in her age...

Anette sa...

I agree, but what can you do! Most of it she has bought herself or got from her aunts, I don't use makeup, so I'm useless when it comes to that. She started using it regularly about 1,5 years ago. her friends started even earlier!