lørdag 8. november 2008

Moussaka a la free spirit

Start of with an eggplant

slice it, and leave it with salt for 30 min

champignon, sliced

onions and celery

minced chicken

crushed tomatoes, red wine and spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, chili and thyme

making the bechamel saucebutter, flour and milk
salt, pepper and nutmeg

frying the eggplants

layers of ingredients

bechamel on top, with a bit of cheese

a glass of wine while waiting for it to get ready

let it set a bit
and feel free to dig in!

So tasty that your toes curl!

7 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

this looks so good, I have seen a lot of moussakas lately and now I want some....

marina sa...

Instead of frying the eggplants, make them roasted in an oven or grill dripping them a little oil! Mousaka is lighter this way and has less calories.
Something good for you is waiting in my blog. Come and see!

Beth sa...

GOD that looks good!!!!! damn!

Jeff sa...

This looks incredible! This is going on my menu for next week for sure. Yum!

Anette sa...

Le Chien: You should treat yourself!

Marina: I'll try it that way next time! Thanks for the award!

Beth: And it was!

Jeff: Put it on your menu, and bon apetite!

antigoni sa...

I don't believe you made mousaka. A little different from Greek recipe but i'm sure that it is very tasty.

TavoLini sa...

oh my!! That looks fantastic!