mandag 1. desember 2008


Today one of our favorite periods of the year begins:

We're not strongly religious in our family,
but as most Norwegian do, we enjoy the advent time.
This is a few of the things we do when December starts:

We put lights and stars in the windows

We light the advent candelabra,

Purple is the advent color

and the candelabra has four purple candles,

one for each of the four Sundays before Christmas.

Yesterday we lit the first.

I've put up the kids' advent calendar.

I wrapped 24 small presents, one for each day until 24 of December.

The kids are not to old for this yet, at Christmas,

we all reconnect with our childish self!
Another Advent calendar
which doesn't cost to much
and smells really good is the Orange with 24 tacks of clove.
As you probably can guess, you remove one each day.
(and hope for the Orange to stay fresh until Christmas)

Finally we also have a "julekalender"
in the form of a tv-show or a program with 24 episodes,

one for each day.

Some are children or family- programs, and some are for adults.

The last category are often comedy-shows.

These are different sorts of counting down to 24th of December,

which is the main day to celebrate in the Norwegian Christmas

All this got me a bit peckish

so I had to make myself a little snack:

Lefse (like tortilla, the norwegian way) with smoked lambsmeat

(look1ng like like slices of salami),

basil, cucumber and sweet pepper.

After I took the photo I added some sour cream,

that goes well with the meat.

Then roll it up.


10 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

that snack looks amazing...simple then elegant all at family is very religious but somehow I missed the boat on that one - I do like the advent calendars that have a chocolate piece for every day though...

Anette sa...

Le Chien. My kids has one each of them too, with a little piece of chocolate every day. Have you got traditions for the time before christmas?

antigoni sa...

I agree with you:MMMMMMMM!
The calendar with the presents is a very good idea. I save all the chocolates for Santa's sock.
I like all the food you make. You can't imagine how many ideas you give me for new plates.

Anette sa...

antigoni: We should share our ideas when we get them don't you think!! Glad to inspire!

buffalodick sa...

That wrap looked great!

Marjie sa...

This was a nice look at your advent traditions; thank you!

antigoni sa...

After the party i was really tired but i had to clean everything up. So i went to bed at 4am.

VE sa...

Thanks for the peak into your traditions. They sound so much simpler and less stressful than our commercial-infused ones...

Oh, and swing by the blog for my Tue post...I could use the support!

monica sa...

så flott den med 4 telys i forskjellig høyde i vinduskarmen. er den av tre? deilig med adventstid. mandariner, marsipan og nøtter. og lys her og der :o)og pakke inn gaver. og kose seg. og glede seg til ferie. O Jul med din glede!!

TavoLini sa...

mmmm indeed! I like the calendar, too. We had the one with chocolates in it, but I think I like the 24 gifts better :)