lørdag 6. desember 2008


Yesterday we were invited to a lutefisk party at some friends house.
Since I forgot my camera, the photos are taken with my
slightly crappy cell phone,
but still, I hope you get the idea.
Lutefisk is dried codfish prepared in a potash lye.
(the dictionary says)
Use the link to get to know more about it!
It's almost cult food, going to a lutefisk party is kind of cool.
Except for the fact that I don't really like the fish at all!
I'd rather have ordinary cod.
But the good friends and the party is what I come for!
When eating lutefisk,
there is many different things you should eat together with the fish.
Good potatoes, mushy peas, bacon, lefse(told you about that before) ,
grated sweet goat cheese and mustard.

To drink: Jule øl (christmas beer or ale) and Aquavit
For entertainment we had a beer tasting competition.
I got them all wrong, but liked the beers.

5 kommentarer:

monica sa...

æsj til fisken, OK med øl'en, greit med akevitt hvis den er IIISkald, var det dessert??
Vi hadde julebord for Bonfire mm hos oss igår vi spiste hummerbisque ( stoor diskusjon hvorfor det ikke bare heter suppe..) andelår med alskens ( à la René, han hadde mekka mat i etpar dager.. sausen var med hele druer - sofie likte ikke de klumpene sa hun...) og riskrem lagd med kokosmelk, og saus med bl. a granatepler ( han som ordna granateplene spruta over alt, seg selv, veggene mm Så nå skal vi male om kjøkkenet...) Stor succes, alle var glade.Er litt trøtt og urven idag, holder på å ruste meg til nytt julebord ikveld med min jobb...

doggybloggy sa...

so cool - I would love to try this fish and the beers!

Anette sa...

monica: det hørtes staselig ut! ikke noe tullemat der i gården nei!

Le Chien: I bet you would! You would have enjoyed it very much I think!

buffalodick sa...

I think that a lot of that is done in Minnesota, but I don't know if they ues cod or something local.. I agree a bunch of Holiday food is traditional, even when you hate it!

Jeff sa...

I was wondering if/when you were going to write a Lutefisk post. Tis the season you know. My grandmother used to make it this time of year (and why is it associated with Christmas in Minnesota?) but I never liked it either. Then when I was a teen I worked in a restaurant that served it and one year we sold 1 ton of it within 2 weeks. After that I couldn't stand the sight of it. Bleh! ;-)