torsdag 4. desember 2008

Bread and circus

Since we're in a baking steam
bread came next.
I had so much going on at the same time,
so these loaves went oversized
while standing in queue
for the oven.

The smell of bread was just heart comforting!

And the circus? Well that was the cinnamon in the first loaf, the pesto in the second and the dried sweet red pepper in the third.

Thats about the circus level at this point.

4 kommentarer:

buffalodick sa...

You are quite the baker! Baking comes harder to me than cooking a meal!

antigoni sa...

I have baked bread twice and it was good but i think yours it's up to the top.

marina sa...

It looks delicious!
We use gr and kgr for our recipes.Is it ok with you?

marina sa...

I have just recieve the recipe! Thanks a lot Anette! You'll see soon how I made them....!