mandag 22. desember 2008

Pre Christmas Grub

We're approaching some days with a lot of meat om the menue
served with all the trimmings.
Before all this starts, we're enjoying some lighter meals:
Apples, onions and red pepper,
with salt pepper and some lovely chili from Le Chien
with minced chicken, pita bread, cabbage and rice
chaotic but tasty!

Next day:
Lightly salted cod, potatoes, carrots and egg

red wine goes well with white fish

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doggybloggy sa...

this looks so good and filling....perfect for the cold days we are having here now - to make a sauce from the chile there are two ways - one is like a gravy: put a couple tablespoons of the chile powder in a pan, heat with with butter or oil and some garlic and oregano, add a little flour and some broth -salt to taste and stir till it thickens....this makes a darker chile sauce. For a brighter more red chile put a couple or so tablespoons in a blender, some fresh garlic, some oregano and some water and blend for a few minutes, then heat gently on the stove....both are good. the first one tastes toasted the second more fresh....

ayamlin sa...

Hello Anette.
it looks very good.
I'm jealous of you!
Because there isn't much snow in Tokyo.
So I experienced white christmas only few times.
I'm going to Canada on Christmas day. I heard it's snowing there:)

TavoLini sa...

That looks really good! I like that you used apples in it.

buffalodick sa...

Tasty looking stuff! I've got to get my butt in gear on Holiday treats!