tirsdag 9. desember 2008

Puzzle and hope

If you're troubled
and feeling blue
or just need some time relaxing
What about these 1500 little mind soothing pieces
Enough room on a table so that it can stay there until its finished.
And when it is, admire it for 3 minutes, and then put it back in the box
until next time, and check if you have an other one.
Its the puzzling it self that is the goal.

And then a symbol of hope for the New Year
sent to me by my new friend Marina !

She didn't know but I needed that!

6 kommentarer:

Leon Basin sa...

I love the damn puzzles. I should start doing more of those things. Thanks for sharing.

TavoLini sa...

I like this post--its true about the puzzles. Putting them together is definitely the best part!

Marjie sa...

My girls do puzzles like these. Then their brothers come up to help and try to stuff pieces where they don't belong, saying that sky would make these bricks so much more interesting. Brothers! They do make life more interesting for their sisters.

marina sa...

I hope it will bring you all the luck you need in all areas!!!
Thanks for the smile you offered me! I really need it, too!

buffalodick sa...

Haven't done a puzzle like that in years! My Dad used to always have a card table with a half done puzzle in their living room...

Anette sa...

Leon: thanks for visiting my blog! I love them puzzles too!

Tavolini: Yes, thats definitely the best part!

Marjie: Yes they are charming those brothers!

Marina:Thanks! I appreciate it more than I can say!

Buffalodick: My dad does thet too! He loves puzzles, and I love to have them going on so I can sit down every now and then and find a piece or two!