onsdag 17. desember 2008

Ginger bread house

This year we made a little ginger bread house
Measurements judged by the eye
and slightly lack of concentration
(note that the smallest walls are lacking it's top triangle
the architect tried to get a way with it,
by focusing on the need for fresh air)

Anyway, after burning sugar and fingers,
cracking and gluing walls together
It was time for the sweet part.
Little Chef and Pink Princess
was working smoothly together
Just in time, it started to snow
(icing sugar were falling from the sky)

And before we knew it, a nice couple had moved in!

7 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

I have heard a lot about ginger bread houses lately - this year we will be making our first one...yours looks great and thanks for the enebaer!

ayamlin sa...

It's been a while!
I haven't made the house!
Is it easy to make it?
Probably I need the mold for it.

monica sa...

Ah, future entrepreneurs they are, no doubt!! And by January the demolition crew with hammers set in??

Marjie sa...

My little boys make the gingerbread house and train after I bake them on Christmas eve. The big kids join in the fun. It gets us through the last day before Christmas. I like your little ceramic people.

Anette sa...

Le Chien: I'll mail you some ideas about the einebær. Will you post anything about your house? Please?

Ayamlin: You can make your own mold for it, just imagine what you need to form a house, the walls and roof and cut it out in paper first !

Monica: Oh yes, there will be demolition, thats part of the deal!

Marjie: I once made a train, or it was an old fashioned engine, i liked it! 24th of December is our main Christmas celebrating day. So 23th will be the day when we need the time to pass!

antigoni sa...

You made your food miracle again!
Anette, thank you so much for the beautiful present you sent me. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

marina sa...

I can see that you've been cooking a lot these last days! Yummies as always! My internet connection is ok, at last so I can thank you for my present! I felt like a little kid who had a package with sweets in her hand! I'll post something about that on Saturday!