søndag 30. november 2008

Shepards Pie, kisses and cake

Underneath a layer of mashed potatoes
there is mince and vegetables
A good combination!
Inspired from the snowball adventure,
we decided to make "Pikekyss"
which translated means "kiss from a girl"
They are little marengues, chrispy and sweet.
And stayed for ever in the oven on low heat.

Little Chef was in charge of the separation og the eggs.
After all the demand of egg whites, we were left with several egg yolks.
I googled it to find out what to do with it!
I found this cake
Called Suncake
because ofthe yellow colour

Moist and yellow and just yummy!

fredag 28. november 2008

Coconut snowballs

I had som sheets of gelatine, among my baking ingredients
Little Chef didn't know what it was,
so we had to find a way to use them!
A good opportunity to try something we haven't tried before!
Whip 4 egg whites
add 100g sugar, little by little
Melt the gelatine and mix it in
let it rest a bit, and make balls

Melt dark chocolate and some fat
cover the balls with chocolate

Drizzle coconut over while the chocolate is wet

Mouthfull of fluffyness!

Not so bad for the first try!
It will be a next time, I promise!

torsdag 27. november 2008

Vegetarian Lasagna

I fancied some lasagna one day, but didn't have any mince.
I was looking for something to replace it, and grated carrot and swede.
The red sauce was made of chrushed tomatoes, onions, garlic, carrot, swede
and the herbes and spices I like
I made bechamel sause
and put the two sauces it in layers with pasta sheets

Finally, slices of Norvegia cheese on top
(Thought I had done enough of grating for one afternoon)
The lasagna had just the consistency we like

And most of us didn't miss the meat at all!

tirsdag 25. november 2008

Sweet buns from Little Chef's bakery

It was a cold and windy afternoon
We needed something sweet
A smooth and sweet dough
Made in to flat buns

Lightly whipped egg to make them a bit shiny

After they have rested and rose
We make a hole in the middle
to make room for some thick custard
12 minutes 200 C
Let the buns cool down
Then make icing mixing icingsugar and water

While wet and sticky, dip in grated coconut

Then just sit back and enjoy!

These buns are called "Skolebrød"
which translated means school bread or school buns.
I've never found out why,
because we were never allowed to eat or bring anything sweet
when I went to school and it is still like that now.
When my daughter was little she used to call them "sticky bun"
and she ate them from the top,
eating the yellow part first and made her way through
until the bun became a ring.
Hence the stickyness.

søndag 23. november 2008

Pork ribs

This is the way I make pork ribs, the bones are cut
the rind is cut in squares
but the meat ate in one piece.
Cover up and let it stay in the oven for 45 min (220 C), with a bit of water
the rind gets blown up
It'll make nice crackling

My dear swede once again
Peel and cut in to pieces

Boil with a potato, and make mash

After 45 min, remove the foil from the pan and leave in oven (180 C) for 2,5 hours

Plenty of meat and crackling for everyone
Today and probably tomorrow!

For many Norwegians this meat is the ultimate Christmas Dinner.
Some of them might think that we are way out of line
eating it on an ordinary Sunday
But we do as we please
and our Christmas Dinner is something else.
I'll come back to it when we get there!

torsdag 20. november 2008

Cape Cod

I got som big chunky slices of fresh cod today
I let it stay in simmering water for a while with salt and bayberry
Served with potatoes, carrots, melted butter with pieces of hardboiled eggs in
That was a good piece of fish I can tell you!


I got inspired from another lentil lover Tavolini
and reminded myself that it was a long time since I had this tasty member of the legumes
I used minced chicken, lentils, crushed tomatoes, onions, leek, garlic, curry, chili salt and pepper
And served with jasmine rice

Yummy! I love legumes!

onsdag 19. november 2008

Voices from my childhood

I went to my parents house last night
They still live in the house where I grew up.
I met a good friend
This old Tandberg tape recorder.
My dad found old tapes, with voices from the past
My own 2,5 year old voice, my brother and sisters voices,
my grandparents voices, my young parents voices,
from the sixties, seventies and eighties.
A window to the past, even before I was born.
My hands knew this old friend so well,
I knew perfectly how to work it
loved to touch it, listen to it, even to feel the smell of it.

When I was little my dad had recorded Winnie the Pooh on this recorder. When I was ill I used to sit close to it and listen to it again and again, making things with my play dough. Seeing this player, makes me think of Pooh and smelling the smell of the dough.

And these tapes has still the little girl that was me, telling her stories.

mandag 17. november 2008

Geitost or sweet cheese from goats milk

This cheese is the ultimate Norwegian icon and treasure.
Its made from goats milk, goats cream and goats whey
Its sweet and have quite strong taste.

It works well on any bread, cracker or crisp bread.
Its for the advanced palate maybe..
but I love it!
(since I am from here you know)

søndag 16. november 2008

Pretty Pink Princess

The 15 year old Pink Princess asked me:
Why don't you mention me in your blog?
So here's a post about her and her box of treasure
This Polkadot Treasure box is from Dublin
Its her tool box

All full of what she needs
before she gets off in the morning
Colors of all kinds, after how she feels.

She glances at her mum, and says:

- You could use a bit of color on your face you know!

I rub my eyes thoroghly(like I usually do) and say:

- How do you think I would look after doing this?

She sighs lenient and continues to put on her makeup.

Apple pie

Another apple delight!

Peeled apples, rich shortcrust pastry and cinnamon

(apples and cinnamon, lovers in the world of taste and smell)

Custard and whipped cream
Grab the camera to take a photo,
and then munch!

lørdag 15. november 2008


If you just stir

We know how to entertain ourselves!