onsdag 31. desember 2008

Happy New Year!

One year is over
An other will just begin
I am as ready as I can be:
Welcome 2009!

tirsdag 30. desember 2008

Pear for a pear

I seem to look more like a pear every day
after all this feasting!
Its getting more than enough for me!
I'm starting to long for my New year resolutions!
I'm getting ready, and motivated
and while I do,
I enjoy a fruity pear and wonder how to get through this years last feast:
New Years Eve..

mandag 29. desember 2008

Family brunch

family traditions
spicy meatballs

Laughs, loudness and love

søndag 28. desember 2008

Not another pie!

But whats a girl to do,
when a quick dessert is required
and she has rhubarb and boysenberries in the freezer
Give me a break
and some cream on top.

lørdag 27. desember 2008

Cold and warm

Images from a saturday walk
Crisp, cold, colorful and quiet

My cheeks was red, my nose was cold
I needed something to warm my body and soul
Mmmm! Chili!
Warming red color to go with the chicken

fredag 26. desember 2008

A bit of the sweet stuff

In case someone comes over for a cup of coffee:
pastry made of sweet yeast dough

and a bluberry pie

We like it!

torsdag 25. desember 2008


Pinnekjøtt comes from the west coast of Norway,
and is salted or smoked lamb or mutton ribs, which are then dried.
They must be soaked fist in water for 1-2 days before cooked,
to regain their meaty consistency and make a milder flavor.
They are usually steamed over a rack of birch twigs,
hence the name "pinnekjøtt" which means literally "stick-meat".
It can be strong or mild, depending on the production,
but generally can remind one of ham or bacon.
Since it is steamed for several hours,
it become extremely tender, falling off the bone.

after steamed for three hours a couple of moments under the grill

We use little yellow potatoes called mandelpoteter (almond potatoes)
and mash made of swede and carrot

onsdag 24. desember 2008

Our Christmas Dinner

Preparing the leg of lambCutting of the lowest part.
(got a saw in my toolbox)

I'll cook the part with onions, garlic, rosemary and celery
to make nice stock for the sauceHerbes for the sauce:
Thyme, rosemary and juniper
crushed in a mortar
I stick a knife in the meat to put pieces of garlic in

Then salt, pepper and more rosmary (a must with lamb)

Using a thermometer I'm in full control
76 C is the way I like it.
The leg is 3,5 kg
It took from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
and 100 C in the oven
to get ready
While making yorkshire puddings and gratinated potatoes
the meat was resting for an hour
wrapped in foil and a thick towel
Then carving it
and tasting a little nibble... mmm! the tenderness!
The yorkshirepuddings are ready,
a bit to dark but still tasty!
Table is set

I am ready for this!

Merry Christmas my Friends!

tirsdag 23. desember 2008


My cookie-tins are still leaking
Today I've made some more
These are one of my favourites,
better make them just before Christmas
to avoid empty boxes when Christmas is here.
They have nuts, almonds and chocolate in
crunchy and nice!
I put them in an old box I got from my dear grandmother

The lamb of leg has been thawing in the fridge for two days
Tomorrow it'll slow roast for hours, to make a lovely
Christmas dinner

Stockings are up,
ready to be filled

mandag 22. desember 2008

Pre Christmas Grub

We're approaching some days with a lot of meat om the menue
served with all the trimmings.
Before all this starts, we're enjoying some lighter meals:
Apples, onions and red pepper,
with salt pepper and some lovely chili from Le Chien
with minced chicken, pita bread, cabbage and rice
chaotic but tasty!

Next day:
Lightly salted cod, potatoes, carrots and egg

red wine goes well with white fish

søndag 21. desember 2008

Something to remember

In every dark corner of our house
a candle

on top of the fireplace
a candle under my Christmas incense

Now, note to self :
Change battery in Every smoke detector!
We don't want to become a part of the Christmas housefire statistics!

lørdag 20. desember 2008


Today its the darkest day of the year up north where we live
since June it has gradually become shorter
Tomorrow the sun will stay with us just a little bit longer!
I like that!
I'm celebrating with one of my favorite Christmas sweets
Marzipan with chocolate