lørdag 10. januar 2009

Chocolate cake

We were just dying for a piece of chocolate cake!
but on the other hand, we're supposed to cut down on the sugar and lard department
I found a reciepe with no butter, less sugar and then made half a portion.
(to avoid to much tempting leftovers)
And it was delicious!!

we had to cover it with whipped cream, whipped with cocoa powder

and a tiny sprinkle with 70% dark chocolat

Inside some blueberry jam and

I can just say:
our dream came true
Ut was dark, moist and just (sigh..)
10 pieces:
3 egg
1 ½ dl sugar
1 dl wheat flour
½ ts baking powder
½ dl cocoapowder
2 ts vanillasugar
½ teaspoon salt
3 dl quark 0,1% fat
50 g walnuts or almonds, finely chopped (optional)
whip the eggs and sugar fluffy, then add the rest of the ingredients.
bake for 35 min 200C
I halved this reciepe

4 kommentarer:

monica sa...

looks great - can almost taste it...just made an orange/chocolate cake, with lots of butter and sugar...hm...

doggybloggy sa...

ow wow that looks delicious....I would love a HUGE slice of that please

TavoLini sa...

now that looks excellent! And no butter? awesome.

Simen sa...

This is an interesting cake, and there are blueberries in it too. Maybe we shpuld try it one day in our blueberryrecipetestingkitchen or put it out on www.blabar.nu