søndag 25. januar 2009

Winter wonder

King Winter left us lots and lots of snow at the cabin
We were shoveling for hours, while attending to the fire inside
to make it warm and cosy when we finally came in

The snow covered everything, even the sounds were muffled.
There were hardly any cars driving past,
only an occational tractor trying to keep the road open

This massive twin tree is hopefully going down this year!
It might not look it, but it is very tall!

We're back home again, and I don't seem to get warm!
one massive cup of hot cocoa (and cream) and a bowl of hot soup
helps a little

5 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

wow that looks so serene - I bet the silence is loud....

TavoLini sa...

It looks so beautiful and your cabin looks quite cozy :) So much snow!

ayamlin sa...

Hello Anette!
I wish I visited you tomorrow.
what a beatutiful and peaceful place!
everthing is covered by snow even sounds? How nice!
I wanna spend time in such a nice place.
but it would be hard to go out?!

antigoni sa...

When i saw the last photo, i thought it was an ice cream. But then i red the post and i understand it's hot dring.
Great photos.

Marjie sa...

It takes so long to warm up after shoveling the snow. We have had snow today, but not as much as yours. I love your pictures.