lørdag 3. januar 2009

Golden Moment

Sometimes I experience moments
that I know will be remembered as something special
This weekend we have been ice skating
on a frozen lake not far from where we live
The ice was so shiny and thick
the sun was shining
My husband said it was risky to bring my camera out on the ice
in case i fell
but I said that a photographer has to be willing to take a risk
for a good shot
Lots of people young and old
who had found their way just like us
Plenty of space for all of us
Making little fires between the trees grilling sausages on sticks
and drinking warm tea from flasks
Ice almost as far as we could see
We stayed until the sun went down, and even longer

I knew that this moment
This experience
I would treasure as a golden moment

7 kommentarer:

Donna Williams sa...

I was browsing through the blogs and came to yours! You have some wonderful photographs. I enjoyed your site!

Anette sa...

Donna: feel free to visit again some time!

doggybloggy sa...

this is most certainly the coolest thing any one could ever do....

Marjie sa...

This looks like a wonderful day indeed! Your scenery is so pretty.

buffalodick sa...

Winter can be stark, but very beautiful..

ayamlin sa...

Happy new years! anette!
thank you for everything last year.
I'm happy to see you on the blog!
I look forward seeing you blog this year, too!
by the way I've never experienced skating on the frozen lake.
is is safe?

monica sa...

fantastisk !! så koslig! tenker alle var trøtte og fornøyde om kvelden !