torsdag 29. januar 2009

Focus and multitasking

Being a woman, and a busy mum
I'm always doing several things at a time.
Being effective to me, is if I can have dishwasher,
washer and tumbledryer going, food cooking on the stove,
vacumer in my hand, while listening to the radio,
reading and tidying up.
And this I'll have to do before or after I tend to my kids,
husband and my full time job.

The problem is that in the long run, that won't work.
I understand that,
but still I try to reach the unreachable level of the

So today, wanting to make lovely foaming milk

To treat myself with a coffe made with milk

I did this:

Because I thought that it was effective to use the 1,5 minutes it took
to warm it up
to vacuum just a little bit.
Forgot all about the milk, and remembered when I smelled
the unpleasent smell of burning milk floating on my stove.
Good thing I did't decide to go shopping!

I'm good at telling others to give themselves a break,
And not be so strict with themselves
But I need to realize, that I'm not so good at it myself.

3 kommentarer:

monica sa...

hmmm... the coffee looks great though... just throw out that pot and go shopping for a new one!
No reason to cry over that! The good thing is you got some vaccuming done... :o)

doggybloggy sa...

slow down, take a break, its better to take the time and do things once than hurry and do them a few times...

Marjie sa...

We're always trying to do too many things at once. It all works out, in the end! And if there's too much to do at once, my solution is to skip the vacuuming. It will wait until tomorrow.