lørdag 17. januar 2009

Something cool

I do like maps
And google map is a fun place
Today I discovered something cool
Not only could I zoom in on the streets of the map
Do you see the little yellow man in the left top corner of the map?
Drag him to the place you want to see
and you get a photo of the place.
If you put the cursor on the photo
you will see arrows in the streets directions.
You can move up and down the streets through photos
Nerdy maybe, but cool!

5 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

I just came from Japan (Aya) to your lovely blog! Nice to meet you, I love your quiet photography!
Have a nice week and greetings from Vienna, Maria
BTW, I also love to play with google maps, great thing those pictures!

marina sa...

Ow, how nice is that! My best blog-friends Anette, Aya, Maria all as one happy company! I'm so happy for us girls! We are so different -because of our countries,customs religion- and yet so alike!
By the way, I'll stop by google maps as soon as I visit all my friends!

Anette sa...

Maria: Thanks! How nice to meet you too! I've been to visit your blog as well! Hope you will visit me again!

Marina: When I went to Rhodos two years ago, I found the hotel and studied the surroundings om Google Earth, thats also a fun place to check out. Some places have very detailed photos. I felt that I knew my way in the place even though I had never been there before!
Blogging is a great way to find friends you never would have found otherwise!

Tamara Jansen sa...

That is amazing and we're definately going to check that feature out.....it's so difficult to describe areas for our truck drivers but a picture says a thousand words!

Marjie sa...

There was an article in our paper last week that street views of many places in our area have been added to google maps! They even described the car they use to take the pictures. It was really cool! I must be a nerd, too.