mandag 5. januar 2009

Getting hungry

I've kicked Christmas out now
Traditionally the tree should be taken out on the 13th day after Christmas
or even the 21th day after Christmas
but these days most people clear it out earlier.
The tree is now thrown out in the garden
except all the green needles that landed on my floors

Its' still cold outside
we need warming food
Chili from Le Chien will warm us again

It want's some alone time in the frying pan to get all its charm out
vegetables and red beans
While it was getting ready
I was visiting Buffalodick's baked potatoes
and it made me so hungry
I blame him for me not taking a photo of my plate
until it looked like this:

5 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

delicious...the larger pieces you can smash up your self and use as a garnish or put a couple pieces into a broth that you want to lightly season with chile...then you can scrape out the red pulp after it softens - a real treat...

doggybloggy sa...

the new photo skating in the low light is one of the best images that stays in my mind these days....and it stays!

Anette sa...

Le Chien: I will enjoy the chili, all of it! Its really tasty! The thing with that photo is that the situation was as magical as it looks! It felt like an experience I knew I wouldn't have many times, you know, one golden moment! And I was in it if you know what I mean! Glad to share it!

monica sa...

når skal pepperkakehuset rives ned da??
jeg heiv ut treet før nyttår, og kastet all julepynten inn på senga i gjesterommet... og der ligger det enda... :o) kommer tid kommer gidd til å rydde opp og kaste på loftet...

Anette sa...

Monica: Huset er tilintetgjort, i et anfall av at nå er vi "på bedrings vei" som husbonden sier!
Så falt vi ikke for fristelsen liksom. Her er all jul ryddet vekk i går. det er da litt deilig også!