torsdag 22. januar 2009

Meet the sleet with some heat

Its so cold and wet outside
baking and cooking makes me warm
Warming soup

How my yorkshire lad husband does it:
Bread goes in the soup
And while making the soup
I make som rice pudding for the Little Chef

He's more of a white food man..

With sugar, cinnamon and a nob of butter

6 kommentarer:

Beth sa...

oh good lord...leave the door unlocked, I'll be right over!

doggybloggy sa...

so the husband likes his full of bread huh? I used to like to put crackers in my soup but I dont do it anymore....I think I want some rice pudding this time too...(the soup looks great but the pudding is calling my name)

Marjie sa...

My dearly beloved puts bread in his soup, stew and sunny side up eggs. As for me, I love rice pudding!

Anette sa...

Beth: You're welcome!

Le Chien: Maybe not the most elegant habit, I prefer mine on the side! The rice pudding was very nice! Cinnamon played part in both dishes.. mm!

Marjie: Maybe the bread in soup issue it's a macho thing? My little Chef loves his rice pudding too!

buffalodick sa...

Dip that bread in that beautiful soup- that's what I say!

TavoLini sa...

oh man, I eat my soup the same way :) The more bread, the better!

That rice pudding looks great--hope it warms up some!