tirsdag 13. januar 2009

Girls night with mommy upstairs

Last saturday the Pink Princess
had 6 girls over for pizza, film and Singstar
The boys was sent off elsewhere
mommy stayed to cater and keep an eye on the madness
Home made pizza with and without meat Pink Princess were chopping vegetables
and mixing the sauce

She set the table nicely
When the guests arrived,
mommy realized that she hadn't planned anything to eat for herself
She couldn't count on any pizza leftovers
She had provide for herself,
so she made herself a quick meal that turned out to be
Ugly looking maybe,
but tasting like heaven!

Small whole boiled potatoes, leek, garlic, red pepper, chili, and spices, and lentils.

Mommy enjoyed her night upstairs with a glass of wine,
surfing the net and watching a film,
while the girls sang, laughed and screamed until the middle of the night

3 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

what fun...and what did the guys do?

Anette sa...

Senior went to the cabin, with a good film, nice food, beer and the dog, and junior went to stay at my sisters and played xbox "'till dawn". Macho heaven you know!

Marjie sa...

As long as the girls didn't leave a huge mess for mommy, it was good for all involved!