mandag 19. januar 2009

Gobble and jello

It was turkey delight on Sunday
and for dessert
(since the majority of the guests was under 13)

sugar, flavor and gelatine
whisk with boiling water

top with custard
It's always a success!

And while the dinner party went on
down came 30 cm of snow!

6 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

I think 'green' has to be my favorite jello flavor.....and with custard...nice....your turkey looks really good.

Darius T. Williams sa...

Looks good - definitely a good meal here.

marina sa...

Beyong the food I envy you for the snow! Beautiful shot!

VE sa...

And you said you don't get snow... ;)

buffalodick sa...

Inside with a roast turkey looks better than outside with snow..

TavoLini sa...

oh wow--that's a LOT of snow! brrrr