onsdag 14. januar 2009

Red food wednesday

After a cold walk
I did the nutmeg thing, and then stirred my cocoa with a cinnamon stick
Then I started on dinner
Salmon baked in foil
Bake in oven for half an hour

unwrap and enjoy

And for dessert:
Warm strawberry dessert
with a bit of custard

3 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

excellent and how can salmon not be good? about the tomatoes in the oven - sure on really low heat on a wire rack should do the trick....

monica sa...

the colours are amazing ! should give anyone an appetite !! I wish I had your "what's for dinner" inspiration !!

ayamlin sa...

Hi Anette!
Oh, I wish I went over your house!
I love cinammon also strawberries!