torsdag 1. januar 2009

Through my lens on the first day of January

Not quite finished with the kissing under the misteltoe?
Here's a tree full for you
Our little town's speciality: wild growing misteltoe
You won't find that many other places in the world!
The first of January is one of the official flagging days in Norway.
If you have a tall flag pole in your garden, you should put the flag up on certain days.
The flag has to be put up and taken down at certain times of the day.
These things are serious matters you know!
If you can't be bothered
then you must have a pennant instead and just leave it up all the time.
Most inhabitants of this building is elderly people
As you can see they look upon flagging seriously
even though they don't have a pole or a garden.
If it's cold enough
even salt water will freeze

But it'll take much colder weather for the fjord to freeze over.
It's not "GOD JUL" anymore
but it's time for a fresh start
and a lovely warm "smiling egg"
thats what we call it when the white is firm
and the yolk is runny

8 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

that looks pretty cold to me...NYC is very cold these days...19F - I think that is well below 0 C...My favorite way to eat eggs in the whole world...Now I have to make one....

We will stay inside today ....

Anette sa...

Le Chien: do you call it "smiling egg" too?
19F is about -7C, thats 7 below freezingpoint, no wonder you want to stay inside! Its about the same as here.. my legs was numb when we came indoor after our walk!!

VE sa...

Looks like you have a beautiful clear blue day. We have non-stop rain...all day long. Happy New Year!

Tamara Jansen sa...

Happy New Year Anette! It does look a bit cold out there. Make sure you keep your "long johns" on :)

buffalodick sa...

Folks in Michigan are starting to venture on the ice- it's getting close to thickness for fishing inland lakes...

antigoni sa...

That's the way we like our egg. Happy new year with love, health, happiness and many more cooking posts.

Anette sa...

Ve: Its sparkling cold here, no snow. Happy New Year!

Tamara: Finally I had to find my woolen "longjohn"s today when we went ice skating! I'm glad I recently found your blog, I'll visit you again! Happy New Year!

Buffalodick: Today we went ice skating on a frozen lake, it was a golden moment. We treasure that!

Antigoni: Happy New Year to you too! Health and happiness for you and your family!

Marjie sa...

I love your pictures, Annette. Happy New Year!