fredag 23. januar 2009

Food friends

These are some of my food friends
Blueberries - good thing I can buy them frozen!
They are good eaten fresh, in desserts, warm soups, cakes and pies!
Or directly from the bush,
if you're so lucky you're out in the wilderness a late summer evening.
Garlic - I use it almost every day.
The ones with cloves like this, or the chinese ones without cloves.
I love the taste, and I think it does my health and body well.
Tea - Since I married an english man I love my tea!
He calls me "the girl who never ay no to a cup of tea, and it's true, I say no to a cup.
I do believe (as the English seem to do)
that there is no situation that can't be made a little better
with a cup of tea.
On the photo served a bit unusual:
In a glass, without milk.
I used the glass cause no cup was big enough for me today
and I added milk after the photo was taken.
Honey - Sometimes on a slice of bread.
And if I feel my throat thickening like today
I guzzle down as many cups of warm tea with honey as I can stand
Usually it goes away quietly

4 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

the caffiene in tea feels stronger to me than coffee - I drink herbal tea if I drink tea

monica sa...

any friends of yours are also friends of mine.. :o) Have a great Friday evening!

Elra sa...

Nice friends you have there. I love blueberry as well, I also can't leave without my favorite tea. Garlic? yes, I like it too. My cooking will taste so bland with out it.

Marjie sa...

I do love tea, of many varieties. I cook with honey wherever I can, and I love blueberries. I always have them frozen so I can use them when I want them. I must be careful with garlic to not cause an allergic reaction in my dearly beloved. I enjoy all of your friends!